Welfare Queen Mouths Off To Patriotic Cop – Gets Hit Back With THIS

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The entitlement mentality among freeloaders in Obama’s America has reached an all-time high.

When a 26 year-old welfare queen was recently arrested for stealing in Vero Beach, Florida, she had the nerve to accuse police officers of “purposely targeting her.”

“Everyone steals form this story,” Prolancia Aquila Turner whined during her arrest, according to American News. “Why are you picking on me?”

Turner was reportedly caught redhanded stealing earrings from a jewelry store. When she was arrested, a livid Turner broke down in tears and accused the cops of singling her out and treating her unfairly.

This marked the third time Turner had been arrested for stealing. This time around, she was charged with retail theft after she was caught hiding the earrings, which cost $12.50, in the waistband of her pants as she left the low-cost accessory chain store, Claire’s. She is due in court on June 7 and faces up to a year in jail and a fine of $1,000 for the misdemeanor charge.

Sorry, Prolancia, but even Obama himself can’t save you now!

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