Here’s What Obama Is Trying To Hide About His Hiroshima Visit…

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Last Friday, the mainstream media reported on Barack Obama’s visit to Hiroshima. However, there are two important facts about this visit that both the president and the mainstream media are trying to hide.

The first fact is that despite what Obama and his supporters said, he definitely apologized for America’s dropping of two nuclear bombs on Japan to end World War II in 1945. According to Conservative Tribune, mainstream media outlets like Snopes argued that Obama didn’t apologize because he didn’t use the words “apology” or “sorry.” However, Charles Krauthammer argued that he did indeed apologize.

“And to say it wasn’t a form of apology, of course he wasn’t going to use the word. And yes, he did speak about war in the abstract, but he did it in Hiroshima, he wrote. “If you want to do a speech about war in the abstract, you do it in Prague, which is what he did in 2009. When you do it in Hiroshima, of course you’re talking about World War II, of course you’re talking about America dropping the (bomb), and of course the implication is that we have some sort of guilt about it, if not an overt apology … The president speaking as president was representing the United States. I  thought it was embarrassing utopianism and the implicit apology dishonored our nation.”

The second fact they’re trying to hide is the fact that Obama won’t admit it was necessary to bomb Hiroshima. Japan would never have surrendered had we not done that, and they likely would have attacked us again in another Pearl Harbor-style attack. Though the nuclear bombing of Japan was tragic, it also was very important in saving our country and winning the war.

It’s sickening that Obama continues to disrespect our country every chance he gets.

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