Entitled Muslim Employee Makes Insane Demand – Patriotic Boss Hits Him Back With THIS

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An entitled Muslim recently went to her boss with a dangerous demand. Unfortunately for her, however, the boss wasn’t having any of it.

According to Mad World News, Aaminah Ussabur once worked for an Amway factory in Ada, Michigan, but she has since taken it upon herself to whine about her termination. She claims she faced severe criticism as soon as she was hired there because of the hijab she wears every day.

Ussabar claims that on her second day with the company, she was told by her boss that people were “complaining about your headscarf.” The manager then allegedly told her that her hijab wasn’t allowed in the factory because it sparked safety concerns.

Ussabar responded to this by whining to her boss that her head covering was “part of her religious obligation” and that she wouldn’t remove it. However, since the factory had many powerful moving machines that such an article of clothing could become entangled in, management had no choice but to take action.

Managers at the plant transferred Usabur to another department to accommodate her hijab, but the switch came with a decrease in work hours from 40 to just 10. The loudmouth Muslim pleaded with her boss not to transfer her, saying that she couldn’t live off the minimal hours and would tuck her hijab into her work shirt, but her employer wasn’t having any of it.

Ussabar’s bosses told her they would work on finding her another full time position, but they never followed up with her, so she quit. She has since reported the incident to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and filed a lawsuit against the factory. Unsurprisingly, she has also sought help from CAIR.

“The companies’ actions are clear attempts to force the plaintiff to quit her employment as a result of wearing the hijab (which breaks the rules),” said Lena Masri, legal director at CAIR’s Michigan office.

Amway has refused to back down and still says Ussabar was the one in the wrong.

“We recently became aware of this filing and are currently examining it,” a company representative said. “The situation involves a matter of safety, stemming from an appropriate requirement at our pressure packaging plant that prohibits wearing anything that may get tangled in a machine.”

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