When Construction Workers Found A Box Underneath Her Home, She Never Expected To Find THIS Inside…

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A construction crew in San Francisco was working on a family’s home while they were out of town when they came upon an unbelievable find beneath the garage.

According to Mad World News, the workers found a “creepy” box buried three feet underground. The box was a rectangular, metal vessel with some cloudy windows embedded into the lid. When they looked through the windows, the workers were stunned to see the remarkably preserved body of a little girl, who was believed to be around 3 years-old when she died sometime in the 1870s.

“It was weird. Shocked-like, you know,” worker Kevin Boylan said, according to Fox 32. “All the hair was still there. The nails were there. That was a giveaway. There were flowers — roses, still on the child’s body. It was a sight to see.”

The girl was so well preserved that her golden curly hair looked almost as perfectly as it did when she died. The rose placed in her hand at her burial also looked like it had just been put there.

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“On one hand, slightly creepy and sad. The next thing was ‘What do we do next?’ ” the homeowner Ericka Karner told SFGate.

Karner called the medical examiner, who determined that the girl received a proper burial in what used to be a cemetery there before it was developed into a suburban subdivision that’s now been there for decades. The child’s casket was sadly left behind when all others buried around her were moved to Colma a century ago.

Though the girl’s name and family remains a mystery, Karner hopes to give her a voice and a second burial service. San Francisco’s policy is that remains are the homeowner’s responsibility, so Karner has contacted Garden of Innocense, an organization that handles burials of unidentified children. This organization is now teaming up with Karner to have a modest service for the child at Colma cemetery, where she should have been reburied 100 years ago.

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