Trump Campaign Rocked By Major Scandal – This Is NOT Good

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Rumors of infighting within Donald Trump’s presidential campaign gained even more traction this week when Trump fired political director Rick Wiley after he reportedly clashed with other members of the business mogul’s organization.

According to Daily Mail, sources close to Trump said Wiley was not responsive to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and that he often clashed with Karen Giorno, who ran Trump’s successful campaign in Florida and was a Lewandowski ally. Trump reportedly told his aides that Wiley “should be fired” for how he handled the establishment of a new joint fundraising committee with the Republican Party.

This move included 11 states but left out Nevada, a move that infuriated the state party chair.

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Trump put out a statement Wednesday night claiming that Wiley had only been hired for a “transition period.”

“Rick Wiley was hired on a short-term basis as a consultant until the campaign was running full steam,” Trump said. “It is now doing better than ever, we are leading in the polls, and we have many exciting events ready to go, far ahead of schedule, while Hillary continues her long, boring quest against Bernie. We would like to thank Rick for helping us during this transition period.”

One source with the Trump campaign said Wiley was linked too closely with the Republican National Committee, the party infrastructure with which Trump is trying to merge fundraising operations.

“Rick has RNC tattooed on his forehead. He’s not part of the Trump culture,” said a Trump source. “Wiley was someone who didn’t understand what we were able to do, and he wasn’t interested in being a part of the team in the end anyway.”

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