Obama Caught Doing The Unthinkable On Camera

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At a press conference on Japan on Thursday, Barack Hussein Obama agreed to take one final question and was asked about Hillary Clinton’s personal emails investigation.

According to Western Journalism, a reporter asked Obama, “Just yesterday we saw the State Department’s inspector general put out a report about Secretary Clinton’s emails. And it basically undermines what she said about her email practices. I’m wondering if you think that undermines her trustworthiness with the American people? And, if you agree with Bernie Sanders, that she should release the transcripts of her highly paid speeches to Wall Street?”

Obama awkwardly responded by trying to use his charm to dodge the question.

“You know, I take it back — I’m not taking another question,” he said. “We’re in Japan, don’t you have something to do with Asia that we want to talk about? I’ll be talking about this in Washington the whole time.”

He then spun the question by talking about how candidates say things to get votes and touching on a Supreme Court nomination confirmation, saying “The noise that is going back and forth between the candidates at this point … if you want insights into how they’re thinking about it, those should be directed to them.”

Obama refused to make any comment on the fact that Clinton’s public comments conflict with the State Department’s own internal investigation into her private email server. With this ridiculous footage, Obama has made it clear that he has no intention of criticizing Clinton, even though it’s obvious to the entire world that she is a criminal.

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