Donald Trump Shocks Supporters With Bombshell Admission – Will You Still Support Him?

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Two weeks ago, a piece of audio footage from 1991 surfaced that many liberals claimed showed GOP presidential nominee pretending to be his own publicist. Though he denied that it was him on the recording at the time, he admitted during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night that he has used aliases for business deals in the past.

“You know, over the years I’ve used aliases. And when I’m in real estate and especially when I was out in Brooklyn with my father and I’d want to buy something,” Trump admitted, according to CNN. “I would never want to use my name because you had to pay more money for the land. If you tried to buy land, you used different names.”

When he was asked what aliases he used, Trump said he often used the name “Barron,” which is now the name of his 10 year-old son.

“I made a very good deal using that name,” Trump said, without discussing specifics about the deal. “I used an alias in terms of setting up a meeting with Mr. Donald Trump, and it was, and many people in the real estate business do that. You use aliases, and you have to do it. Otherwise they find out it’s you, and they charge you more money and nobody wants to pay more money.”

He then addressed the infamous audio recording that surfaced earlier this month.

“It didn’t sound like me, though, really,” Trump said to Kimmel. “You think that sounded like me?”

“Yeah,” Kimmel said, going on to praise this as a “brilliant” and “funny” tactic.

“I will say this: To me, that didn’t sound like my voice,” Trump said.

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