You Won’t Believe What’s Down the Street From Obama’s New Mansion…This Proves He’s A Muslim

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Yesterday, it was reported that the Obamas had found a mansion to rent after they leave office on the ritzy Kalorama Road in Washington D.C. Now, something has been located just 1,096 feet from the home that reveals why the Obamas probably chose it.


According to Daily Caller, the Obama family’s new home is located just over 1,000 feet from the Islamic Center of Washington, which is one of the largest mosques in the Western Hemisphere. The Islamic Center is seen as a major resource for the Muslim community of Washington.

“It provides Qur’an and Islamic Literature and distribution of such publications that would create awareness and knowledge of Islamic Truth,” the center’s website states.

In addition the center provides help for families in need, holds wedding ceremonies, organizes language courses, offers counseling and makes available ample significant research material related to Islam. It has prayers five times a day, including a Jumaa Prayer, a traditional, congregational prayer held each Friday, occurring at 1:30 p.m.

The Islamic Center is just a four-minute walk from Obama’s new 8,200-square-foot mansion, which boasts eight-bedrooms and nine-and-a-half-bathrooms. It also has a two-car garage and courtyard with space for roughly 10 vehicles. The house sold for $5,295,000 in 2014, and taxpayers can look forward to paying a similar bill for it when the Obamas move in next year.

The embassy of Oman and the former embassy of Iran are also very close to Obama’s new house, so he will definitely feel right at home there!

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