Trump Slips Up – Accidentally Leaks Bombshell That Could Destroy His Campaign

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When Politico reported on Wednesday that presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump planned to roll out a series of attacks on Hillary Clinton based on her involvement in the Whitewater real estate scandal in the coming weeks, many wondered how they’d actually come upon this key strategic information.

According to Mediaite, the Politico story cited an internal Trump campaign/RNC email as their source, but it’s how they came upon this email that has everyone talking. Here’s how Politico says they found it:

The email was obtained by POLITICO when Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks, who [Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo] copied on his request to the RNC, accidentally responded instead to Marc Caputo, a POLITICO reporter who is not related to the Republican consultant.

In the email, Hicks also gave away the fact that RNC staffer Michael Abboud might soon be switching over to the Trump campaign.

“He is still an employee of the RNC and we need to be sensitive to that until he comes over to our team full time,” Hicks said in the email.

We love Trump, but he needs to keep members of his campaign on a tighter leash. It’s this kind of sloppiness that could hand the election to Hillary Clinton, which is something none of us wants. We love you, Donald, but get it together!

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