What Obama Just Did With $500 Million Will Make You SICK

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The Zika virus has been infecting hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and in recent months, it spread to the United States. Congress responded to this by appropriating $500 million to fight the virus, but what the Obama administration just did with this money instead shows what little regard the president has for the lives of the American people.

According to Right Wing News, Obama has taken this $500 million that was supposed to be used to fight Zika and has instead used it to fund the United Nations Green Climate Fund, which gives foreign countries money for green energy projects.

“The threat to adults from Zika is relatively small, but the threat to pre-born children is very high,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford wrote in an oped for The Daily Signal. “Our national priority rightly focuses on protecting the life of these young children in the womb, since each child has value, no matter their age or size.”

Lankford went on to slam Obama for using Department of State funds meant to fight infectious diseases to fund the president’s global warming agenda.

It’s sickening that Obama is prioritizing his climate change agenda over protecting the American people, especially pregnant women, from the Zika virus. SHARE this story if you think what Obama just did is WRONG!

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