Spanish News Anchor Tries To Attack Trump During Commencement Speech – Gets Booed Offstage

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When Spanish news anchor Maria Elena Salinas was asked to give the commencement speech at California State University, Fullerton, she thought she’d found the perfect opportunity to attack presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Unfortunately for her, however, she turned out to be sadly mistaken.

According to Daily Mail, Salinas was presented with an honorary doctorate and spoke in Spanish to the graduates and parents on Sunday morning, as the as the student body of the university is 40 percent Hispanic. However, things took a turn for the worse for her later in the morning when she spoke to the College of Communications, whose students booed her when she tried to use her speech to attack Trump.

“… they blame us so much for so many things, that now they’re even blaming us, the media, for creating Donald Trump. Imagine that,” Salinas said, at which point boos and yells began erupting from the audience.

“Isn’t that terrible? But we didn’t, right? Who did it?” Salinas asked rhetorically. “I don’t know. Who did it? But they’re to blame. If you allow me to say a few words in Spanish…”

“No!” someone could be heard yelling from the crowd, as students refused to quiet down. Moments later, Salinas asked the crowd if she could do something important, to which someone yelled “No!” and another person replied, “get off the stage!”

The anchor then awkwardly took a selfie in front of the crowd of students.


Denise De La Cruz, a graduating senior at the university, described the mood in the audience to the OC Weekly as being very “tense throughout the speech.”

“I looked around and a lot of graduates were visibly upset — some were muttering criticisms,” De La Cruz said. “There were probably hundreds of graduates there, so I can’t speak for everyone there… but definitely … the row where I was seated there were upset people and you could hear heckling from the crowd.”

Salinas later whined to the The Washington Post about how her speech was received.

“It’s really sad,” she told the Post. “And it’s a testament to what has happened in our country. Our country is really divided.”

Shame on this woman for trying to upstage these students on their special day by attacking Trump. SHARE if you think Salinas got what she deserved!

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