BREAKING: Possible Bomb Found Onboard Plane Carrying 134 People – It’s Happening


May 24, 2016 1:36pm PST

A Turkish Airlines plane was evacuated and searched at Istanbul’s main airport on Monday after a note threatening a bomb attack was found onboard.

According to Daily Mail, all 134 people onboard the plane, which was scheduled to travel from Ataturk Airport to the central Turkish city of Kayseri, were removed from the flight. Another plane was arranged for them later that night, and investigators soon found that the threat had been a hoax.

Hours after this, a plane was evacuated at the Los Angeles International Airport after yet another bomb threat. While it also seems like this one was probably a hoax, these stories show that bomb threats on planes are becoming more and more common. We can only hope and pray that authorities will be able to stop another attack before it happens!


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