Clinton Rape Victim Comes Forward With MAJOR Accusation – This Could Destroy Hillary

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Hillary Clinton’s nightmare became a reality this week when Juanita Broaddrick, who has repeatedly accused Bill Clinton of raping her back in 1978, came forward with more details about her assault.

“I was still in a state of shock and felt like it was my fault. I felt like it was my fault and I just had to accept it for letting him come to my room,’ said Broaddrick, who first came forward in 1999 saying Bill raped her in an Arkansas hotel room two decades before. “That was just how we felt back then.”

“It’s hard for me to say the word ‘rape’. I always usually say “sexual assault” but rape is the perfect terminology for what happened,” Broaddrick told Fox News host Sean Hannity, according to Daily Mail.

Broaddrick was attending a nursing conference when Bill invited her to his hotel room for coffee. Despite her misgivings, she decided to go.

I felt apprehensive, but he was the [state] attorney general,”she said. “I believed him. I believed it would not have been good to meet down in the coffee shop. I even ordered coffee to the room.”

She went on to say that Bill forcibly had sex with her, biting her lip so hard that she bled. Afterwards, Broaddrick said, “he calmly walks to the door and puts on his sunglasses and turns and says you better put some ice on that. I was shocked.”

Later on, Hillary sought Broaddrick out at a political event and said the unthinkable to her.

“She pulled me back into her and said very low, she said do you understand everything you do? And it frightened me, to say the least,” Broaddrick recounted.

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