Obama-Voting Thug Attacks Teacher In Classroom, Then Gets EXACTLY What’s Coming To Him

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A loudmouth teenage thug was expelled from his school after launching into a violent attack on his art teacher in a classroom.

According to Right Wing News, the attack occurred at Wooddale High School in Memphis, Tennessee, and the student had planned it in advance.

“Let him go,” one student can be heard shouting as others try to pull the punk off the teacher.

The student was not only expelled, but also arrested and charged with assault.

“That’s so sad. That’s ridiculous that a teacher is being attacked by a student,” Yolanda Gones, a parent, told WTOC. “I just think Wooddale school is not safe anymore…not even for the teachers, not even for the students.”

“How a child acts in school is probably–most likely–coming from their home,” she continued. “Yes, of course, I worry about my daughter’s safety. That’s why she will not be attending this school next year.”

Fellow parent Ruthie Tate slammed the school for not letting parents know what happened.

“I think every parent should be notified of what’s going on out here,” she said. “I’m concerned about the other kids’ safety too. We [parents] need to look into the school more and make sure our kids are protected.”

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