Beloved Fox News Reporter Suffers Terrifying Health Scare – Please Pray

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A reporter for Fox 29 has called for prayers after he inexplicably woke up nearly blind in one eye.

Chris O’Connell woke up one morning with what he calls “painless loss of vision” in his left eye. Thinking it was just a symptom of a migraine, O’Connell got up and went to work as usual. However, when the condition didn’t improve in the next two days, O’Connell rushed to the doctor’s office, where medical professionals were left stumped as to what was wrong with him.

Six weeks later, O’Connell and his family still have no answers despite the long list of blood work and diagnostic tests that have been done on him. Meanwhile, his condition has gotten worse.

“The best way to describe it is this eye feels like it’s smeared with Vaseline. I could see color. I could see shapes,” he recounted.

Thankfully, O’Connell says he has finally found the answer to what is wrong with him, and he plans to tell viewers on tonight’s 10pm broadcast. We pray that the condition is treatable!

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