Trump SILENCES Obama’s Media With Bombshell Financial Report – Nobody Saw This Coming

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The mainstream media has been doing everything they can to attack presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and make him look like an ignorant liar when it comes to his wealth and success. That’s why it came as very bad news to them this week when Trump released a Personal Financial Disclosure form claiming a net worth of over $10 billion.

According to Conservative Tribune, Trump also took this opportunity to slam his potential Democratic rival Bernie Sanders by pointing out that he filed his report on time while the Vermont Senator had to request an extension.

“Despite the fact that I am allowed extensions, I have again filed my report, which is 104 pages, on time. Bernie Sanders has requested, on the other hand, an extension for his small report. This is the difference between a businessman and the all talk, no action politicians that have failed the American people for far too long,” Trump stated.

Trump could not be more right about this, and it proves Sanders is a hypocrite. Sanders’ entire campaign revolves around invoking more rules and regulations for the government, yet he can’t even follow the rules that are in place now.

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