Entitled Topless Obama-Voter Punches Cop – Gets A BRUTAL Response

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A liberal New York City woman thought she was above the law when she attacked a police officer in Times Square. However, she quickly learned just how wrong she was when her smug grin was wiped off her face in a brutal way.

According to Mad World News, 24 year-old Amanda Roman was working in Times Square as a “desnuda,” which is a spray-painted woman who poses for photos with tourists. Things got messy when a passerby made a derogatory statement to the woman to which her boyfriend took issue.

Police rushed to break up the altercation, and five cops quickly surrounded Roman and her boyfriend. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Roman appeared smug the whole time, telling the cops, “What are you mad about? You stand out here all day and don’t make nothing?”

Roman’s boyfriend was eventually arrested, which infuriated the young woman. As police searched his bag, she stepped in and said it was her bag, telling the officers they had no right to search it.

“Excuse me, that’s my stuff,” she shouted to one cop before shoving another. Roman quickly learned she’d made a huge mistake when the officers swiftly took her down and handcuffed her, placing her under arrest.

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