Smug Burqa-Wearing Muslim Praises Allah… Gets Sent STRAIGHT to Hell!

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A few Muslims recently got together to praise Allah with a competition in which they tried to see who could recite the Quran the best. However, things quickly took a very different turn when God stepped n to show them who’s boss!

According to Mad World News, this competition took place in Malaysia, where Muslim after Muslim took the stage to recite verses from the Quran. Eventually, a burqa-clad woman took the stage and gave a truly ear-piercing performance. Right as she was about to finish, however, God sent her a message in a brutal way.

The woman suddenly fell to the ground dead right in the middle of her recitation. In most cultures, the audience would rush to help the woman, but not in the Middle East. Instead, the Muslims in the crowd laugh at her as she lays on the stage dead.

“Religion of peace” my foot!

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