Trump Earns Bombshell Endorsement – This Could Change Everything

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Though he is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump has had trouble securing the support of his fellow billionaires since many of them are members of the GOP establishment that is firmly against him. That’s why it came as a huge surprise this week when a major California billionaire came forward as a Trump supporter.

An endorsement from a power player like this man could give Trump the edge he needs to beat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

California businessman Peter Thiel, who has invested in some of the tech world’s most successful companies – most notably Facebook and Paypal – has now thrown his support behind the presumptive Republican nominee. According to a list submitted to the California secretary of state’s office by the Trump campaign, Thiel will be one of the New York businessman’s pledged California delegates.

Thiel, who resides in California’s 12th district, which includes San Francisco, had not been very vocal about who he would be supporting this election cycle ever since his first choice, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, dropped out of the race earlier in this primary season.

A longtime Republican donor, the libertarian-leaning Thiel was a big supporter of former Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential primary bid in 2012. His support for Trump, while not completely unexpected, is still a bit curious, considering that in 2014 the California billionaire told the Daily Caller that Trump was, “sort of symptomatic of everything that is wrong with New York City.”

In addition to Thiel, several high profile California Republicans have jumped on board as committed Trump delegates. Former House Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, who supported Marco Rubio until the Florida Senator dropped out a few months ago, is now supporting Trump.

The presumptive Republican nominee also has Calif. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy in his corner, whose endorsement could help heal Trump’s rift with the party’s most powerful federal lawmakers like Speaker Paul Ryan, who Trump is scheduled to sit down with on Thursday.

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