Trump Announces Major Shakeup In His Campaign – Nobody Saw This Coming

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Donald Trump shocked his supporters this week when he revealed that former rival Dr. Ben Carson had left his vice presidential selecting team.

The Daily Beast reported that Carson has been reassigned to act as a liaison to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. He is reportedly meeting with Ryan before Trump’s scheduled meeting with the speaker on Thursday.

According to Conservative Tribune, experts are speculating that this means Carson is the frontrunner to become Trump’s running mate, even though the neurosurgeon has denied this.

“What Trump wanted from Carson were names of who he would recommend for a potential candidate,” said Armstrong Williams, Carson’s business manager. “He was among several other people making recommendations.

“Once those names were submitted, they decided to have Lewandowski head up (the search committee),” Williams added, referring to Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. “It’s passed off to him. That vetting process is a long process and a tedious process. Now Carson is involved in making sure that everything goes well with Thursday’s meeting.”

Last week, Carson denied that he even wanted to become Trump’s Vice President.

“I’m not interested in doing that for a number of reasons,” he told reporters last week. “I don’t want to be a distraction. I’m sure you remember how crazy the media was about me. It’s too important a time in our life.”

However, Williams confirmed that Trump and Carson are extremely close.

“I do know that Dr. Carson and Trump have become very trusted allies; brothers,” Williams said. “They confide in each other.”

“Dr. Carson is carrying the weight of this on his shoulders,” he said about the meeting with Ryan. “Because Trump trusts him and the speaker trusts him.”

Do you think Carson might become Trump’s Vice President? Would this be a good choice for The Donald? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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