Trump Panicking After Horrifying Petition Goes Viral – This Could Destroy Him

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Donald Trump may be the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, but that does not mean that all Republicans are getting behind him.

According to Right Wing NewsRedState is circulating a petition calling for Trump to be stopped at the Republican National Convention. While this would be politically difficult to accomplish, it is indeed possible and the petition has quickly gone viral. Here are some highlights from it:

→ Donald Trump has demonstrated an appalling lack of honor, integrity, decency, honesty, civility and respect for his primary opponents and members of their families throughout the course of his campaign,

→ Donald Trump continues to demonstrate a juvenile level of ignorance on the Constitution, the separation of powers, the duties and functions of the various branches and divisions of American government and basic issues of foreign and domestic policy,

→ Donald Trump’s personal history is one of excess, vice, and moral turpitude, including cheating on his spouses and sleeping with the spouses of others,

→ Donald Trump continues to engage in rhetoric that is both vulgar in language and often encouraging of his supporters to respond to provocation with violence,

→ Donald Trump has deliberately courted and encouraged the active support of white supremacists, segregationists, 9/11 ‘Truthers’, ‘Birthers’ and other fringe elements and hate groups,

→ The continued presence and participation of these fringe elements and hate groups in support of Donald Trump, with his encouragement, will leave an indelible taint on the reputation of the Republican Party for decades to come,

→ The use of similar vulgar, insulting, misogynistic and disrespectful language, crude attacks on person and family, and the deliberate peddling of disproven falsehoods and conspiracy theories and other such reprehensible behavior by Donald Trump against the Democratic candidate will, unlike during the primaries, be aggressively challenged and condemned for public consumption by liberal members of the mainstream media,

→ Every single Republican in the country will be put in the untenable decision of having to defend the indefensible behavior of Donald Trump, or be forced to disassociate their campaign from the top of the Republican ticket,

→ Donald Trump is rightly viewed very unfavorably by every major demographic, including a majority of Republicans, such that he is behind the Democratic candidate by two digits in the nationwide polls and in the polls of every swing state, and, in addition, has rendered the Democrats competitive up and down the ballot even in heavily Republican states, including the key state of Texas, and states as solidly Republican as Utah,

→ Only 6% of General Election voters split their tickets; the presence of Donald Trump at the top of the ticket for the Republican Party risks the wholesale destruction of the party’s strength down the ballot at all levels of government, in every state across the nation…

It concludes by summing up their main point:

→ Donald Trump is, by any criteria, manifestly unfit to be President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of its Armed Forces.

Frankly, we are sick and tired of “conservatives” trying to stop Donald Trump. We need to all get behind him and shift our focus to stopping Hillary Clinton from winning in November.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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