Obama Caught In Massive Lie After Bombshell Footage Leaks

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Earlier this week, we reported that President Obama had disrespected the memory of Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV, who was murdered by ISIS this week, by refusing to admit he died in combat.

Obama refused to call Keating’s death a “combat death” because he insists the  U.S. military personnel are not directly engaged in battle in Iraq and Syria. A bombshell new video, however, has proven once and for all that Obama is lying about this.

“I don’t mean to make it sound benign because it’s not. It’s dangerous. What I am trying to do, though, is trying to be as precise as possible with you and the American public about what exactly our commander-in-chief has asked our service members to do,” Earnest told reporters after Keating’s death.

“Secretary (Ash) Carter, earlier today has described his death as a combat death. That’s accurate,” he continued, according to Western Journalism. “This is an individual who is not in a combat mission, but he was in a dangerous place and his position came under attack. He was armed, trained, and prepared to defend himself.”

“Unfortunately, he was killed. He was killed in combat but that was not a part of his mission,” the White House spokesman added, “his mission was specifically to offer advice and assistance to those Iraqi forces that were fighting for their own country.”

One day after Earnest said this, a video was released showing U.S. Navy SEALS who were taking part in a battle against ISIS terrorists in the area of Mosul in northern Iraq. The footage first published by World Conflict Films, who wrote that the battle took place in the Christian town of Tel Skuf, Iraq, about 20 miles north of Mosul, the Iraqi city seized by ISIS in 2014.

“The town was mostly defended by the Christian militia Dwekh-Nawsha, also known as the Ninevah Plain Force. ISIS attacked the town with multiple armored vehicles, some of them were large suicide bomb trucks,” WCF explained.

In the video, the SEALs can be seen being told not to allow video recording of their actions. At one point, one of the SEALs even yells, “Hey, no video!”

Obama knows that if he admits that we are indeed in combat in the Middle East, it would also be admitting that he failed miserably by bringing our soldiers out of the area too fast years ago. This move allowed ISIS to easily take their place, causing the mess we are all currently in.

Shame on you, Obama, for continuing to disrespect Keating’s memory just to further your own agenda. SHARE this story if you think Keating’s death should be ruled a combat death!

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