Former Navy SEAL Annihilates Obama – Exposes Him For Protecting Terrorists

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Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie risked everything on Tuesday to annihilate Obama for putting the concerns of radical Islamic terrorists over the well-being of U.S. soldiers.

Higbie remembered that when he and his team caught al-Qaeda leader Ahmed Hashim Abd al-Isawi in 2009, the Obama administration never thanked them. Instead, they accused the SEALs of abusing al-Isawi.

According to Conservative Tribune, Higbie said Obama felt that al-Isawi “was more important” than him and his team members. Three of the SEALs on the team were later court-martialed, but none were found guilty, thankfully.

“The fact is we did nothing wrong,” Higbie told Tim Constantine’s Capitol Hill Show, according to The Washington Times.

In the end, Higbie’s team did nothing wrong except violate Obama’s politically correct obsession with protecting terrorists.

“It’s the politically correct culture — apologetic culture — that Obama has put into place that’s bred these types of rulers of law rather than leaders of men,” Higbie said of the officials who targeted his team.

It’s sickening that Obama continues to put terrorists ahead of members of the US military. SHARE if think our veterans deserve more respect!

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