Obama To Pass Gun Confiscation Bill In THIS State

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Barack Obama and his minions are rejoicing this week as a gun confiscation bill is set to be signed by the Connecticut Governor.

According to The Blaze, the bill would allow law enforcement to confiscate guns and ammunition from anyone accused of domestic abuse, and it is currently headed to the desk of Gov. Dannel Malloy. He is reportedly expected to sign it.

The legislation would give suspects just 24 hours after they are accused to hand over their firearms. Yes, you don’t even need to be guilty of a crime to be forced to hand over your guns in Obama’s America. Instead, you just need to be accused of something. After a three hour debate, the bill was shockingly approved by a 23-13 vote amid a failed attempt by Republicans to amend the bill.

The Connecticut Post reported:

The goal is to protect women from the increased lethality at a critical point in a relationship: when they are trying to leave their abusers. About 14 domestic homicides occur annually in Connecticut, half of which are caused by guns.

While 5,000 temporary restraining orders are issued annually, about half result in permanent orders. The bill, which was approved last week in the House, would require court hearings within seven days and if judges decide against extending the orders, weapons would be returned within five days later. Currently, court hearings are held 14 days later.

If we do not get Obama out of office very soon, bills like this will continue to spread throughout the country. SHARE this story if you want Obama to be EVICTED from the White House!

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