Former Clinton Mistress Humiliates Hillary With Disturbing Bombshell

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Sally Miller is a former Miss Arkansas who allegedly had an affair with Bill Clinton in the early 1980s. This week, she came forward with a humiliating bombshell that is sure to leave Hillary livid.

In a column for The American Mirror, Miller wrote that the former president’s manhood “performed well but, it was a little-boy penis that just never quite–grew-up.”

Ouch! That one’s got to hurt.

“I have no doubt Bill perfected his oral-sex skills by practicing on women other than Hillary [Clinton],” Miller wrote in her sexually-graphic column, adding that she slept with Bill 14 times in 1983.

“Bill’s not the most handsome man I’ve known but he made me feel like my breasts were the right size, my legs were the perfect length, I had an incredible body and, on top of all that, I was beautiful,” Miller claimed, according to Daily Caller. “There aren’t many men who know how to make a woman feel that way.”

Miller added that Bill, “could sometimes be a clown in the bedroom and… I soon guessed why. As long as our relationship stayed playful, I might not take a ‘second look’ at the size of his penis.  Yes, it performed well but, it was a little-boy penis that just never quite–grew-up.”

However, she went on to say that the future president was “multi-faceted in bed which made up for his small package” adding that he “had an array of talents, like being a marvelous kisser, toucher, and possessing a mouth that operated with perfect precision.”

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