What Ted Cruz Was Just Caught Doing On Camera Will Make You SICK

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz sat down with NBC’s Chuck Todd this week, and when he was asked if he would support Donald Trump if he got the nomination, he implied that he had no plans to help out The Donald. This sickening display of disloyalty to his party is yet another reason to not support Cruz.

Appearing on Meet the Press on Sunday, Todd asked Cruz, “You’ve spend this entire interview trying to eviscerate Donald Trump. If he’s the nominee, I take you you can’t support him any more, can you?”

“I believe if the Republican party nominates Donald Trump we will lose to Hillary, because when we offer Democrat light– Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the ballot, they support the same social policy, they support the same economic policy,” the senator replied.

“Are you going to support him? I understand what you believe in the Republican party. Are  — can you support him? Can you tell your delegates, lay down your arms?” Todd followed up.

Cruz then shifted his attention to going after the media for trying to get him to commit to supporting Trump, even before the GOP nomination race is finished. He went on to observe that media executives are made up of Democrat partisans, who would like to see Trump prevail, believing that he would be easier for Hillary Clinton to defeat.

“You don’t get to just say that, it’s just not true but go ahead. You just throw — you’re broad brushing here and this is what people hate about the media and politics, broad brushes, right?” Todd replied.

He also contended, “It’s not about the media. Senator, it’s about the numbers. It’s about the numbers. He may win. Republican voters are the ones rejecting you. This is not a media conspiracy, senator.”

“Listen, the simple reality is, the media almost entirely are liberal partisan Democrats. That is the reality of it. The media created this Trump phenomenon and then they don’t hold him accountable. Now I’m sure the media planned to do so if he’s the nominee in the general election suddenly every day you’ll hear about Donald Trump’s tax returns,” Cruz countered.

After a few more attempts to get the Texas senator to state that he would support his arch-rival, Todd finally surrendered. “Alright, so let the record show you have not taken a position on whether you can support Trump if he’s the nominee, fair enough?,” the Meet the Press host said.

“And let the record show you tried very, very hard to get me to commit to supporting Trump, the record will show that,” Cruz responded.

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