BREAKING: Obama Exposed As A Fraud After Bombshell Report Is Leaked

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Obama’s precious National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) has just been caught in a major lie about “global warming.”

According to The Political Insider, the agency was caught changing numbers to fit the Obama’s agenda on the White House’s behalf. They were willing to do anything to show that ice caps were melting at a dangerous rate on ice coverage in the Arctic, even if this meant falsifying information.

In truth, ice has actually been THICKENING since 2009. The first chart below shows that ice isn’t actually melting at a fast rate. In the chart below that, however, the NSIDC purposely flipped the data to try and show that global warming is real.



Steve Goddard of Real Science wrote on his blog that the old and new maps published on the NSIDC website are vastly different, which there is no scientific reason for. Obama’s agency tried to delete all the old maps from the internet, but Goddard was able to get his hands on one of them. This PROVES Obama and his minions have been lying about global warming all along.


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