Here’s What Happens On Hillary’s Jet When She’s Not Using It – She Does NOT Want You To See This

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There’s nothing Hillary Clinton loves more than spending money on private planes. During her time as a New York senator, she spent a whopping $225,000 of taxpayer money on over 200 private flights. When her staff is factored in, this figure doubles to $527,000.

According to AWM, Hillary spent $19.2 million in charted air travel while running for president in 2008. While her budget for this election comes as no surprise, the person she is renting her private jets from may shock you.

This year, Hillary has been renting a private plane from millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian, who typically uses his jets to Vegas, Cabo, or the Bahamas with a collection of models and female adult movie stars. While in the air, Bilzerian has the models and porn stars strip down to skimpy outfits while they party with him in the air.


Bilzerian also is extremely pro-gun, and has often spoken out to defend the Second Amendment. Until Donald Trump threw his hat in the race, Bilzerian was planning to launch his own campaign to save our guns.

“In an age of p***ified political correctness, you have to respect people who remain unfiltered,” Bilzerian wrote about Trump.

Bilzerian is likely only renting planes to Hillary because he is a Capitalist, because he is DEFINITELY no Democrat. It’s unclear if Hillary is aware of what goes on in the jet she rents when she isn’t using it…

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