One Of Obama’s Refugees Rapes Girl And Douses Her In Lighter Fluid – What Happens Next Is Even Worse

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President Obama is constantly claiming that his precious Muslim refugees are “peaceful” people who only want to assimilate into the Western world. Stories like this, however, prove that is not the case at all.

In August of 2015, a Somali refugee kidnapped a woman in Gothenburg, Sweden and forced her to crawl on all fours before he raped her and poured lighter fluid all over her body to “dispose of evidence.” Prosecutors demanded he be given the maximum sentence, but a liberal judge had other ideas…

According to Mad World News, the woman was on a fishing trip with a male friend when she went to a nearby store to stock up on food and drinks for the night. While returning on a bike path, a 34-year-old Somali migrant approached her from behind and forced her to crawl on the ground as he held a knife to her throat and ripped off her skirt and underwear.

The refugee then brutally raped the woman, telling her “You can have 10,000 krona (app. $1242) if you follow me home and get to f*** you all day.”

Afterwards, the migrant poured lighter fluid all over her as he told her, “Otherwise, I’ll go there — you know?” The woman realized the thug planned to burn her alive to dispose of the evidence, and he hoped the prostitution proposition would put him in the clear. Luckily, the woman was able to escape, but not before the refugee stole her cellphone.

Once the court heard the victim’s emotional testimony, prosecutors believed it would be easy to get the migrant deported. They were stunned when the judge at Gothenburg Public Prosecution ruled that despite the fact that the migrant had been convicted of dozens of offenses during his time in Sweden, he will NOT be deported. Instead, he will be jailed in a Swedish prison for 5-and-a-half for rape and robbery.

Once he serves his time, the migrant will be free to continue wreaking havoc on the women of Sweden. If Obama gets his way, rulings like this will soon become common in the United States as well.

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