Hollywood Disrespects Ronald Reagan In The Worst Way With Sickening New Movie

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The Hollywood Reporter made a sickening announcement on Wednesday when they revealed that Will Ferrell will be playing a dementia-stricken Ronald Reagan in an upcoming movie that mocks the former president.

According to Daily Mail, the film is set during Reagan’s second term, when the movie star-turned-president “falls into dementia.” An “ambitious intern” is then given the task of “convincing the commander-in-chief that he is an actor playing the President in a movie.”

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In real life, Reagan revealed in 1994 that he was suffering from Alzheimers five years after leaving office. He tragically died ten years later at the age of 93.

The script for his film was written by Mike Rosolio and was quickly snatched up from the Black List, which is the annual list of notable screenplays not yet commissioned.

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You would never see Hollywood mocking a liberal former president for having a serious disease like dementia. However, since Reagan was a conservative, the illness that eventually killed him is now seen as “hilarious” fodder for a Will Ferrell comedy.

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