WATCH: Entitled Muslims Are Denied Free Food – What Happens Next Is Horrifying

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Obama claims his precious Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people who just want to assimilate into Western culture. Videos like this, however, proves that many of these refugees are actually entitled freeloaders who will never be satisfied until the West submits to Shariah law.

According to Mad World News, a video is going viral on social media showing the horrifying moment Muslim refugees are told they will actually have to pay for their food. Shot somewhere in Brazil, the footage shows a group of African Muslims absolutely lose it after they stop for a bite to eat and are told they must pay for their meal.

The Muslims can be seen attacking the terrified restaurant owner, who is forced to defend himself with a machete. A gunshot is eventually heard being fired, but it’s unclear if this came from police or the Muslim thugs.

Unfortunately, incidents like this are becoming more and more common all over the world. This footage proves that Trump has been right all along…

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