BREAKING: Cruz To Make ‘Major Announcement’ – This Could Be It

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Last night, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was devastated after he lost all five of Tuesday’s primary. This morning, Cruz told reporters in Indiana that he will be making a “major announcement” in the state at 4pm today.

However, if you think Cruz is about to drop out of the race and hand the nomination to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, you are sadly mistake. According to Western Journalism, Cruz said during his press conference that, “Indiana has an opportunity to make a decision that is going to impact the Republican Party. It’s going to impact the country.”

Former Texas governor Rick Perry, who has officially endorsed Cruz, appeared on Fox News on Wednesday morning to say that the Senator’s announcement will not be that he is suspending his campaign. Instead, he said that Indiana is a crucial state for Cruz, and that if he is able to win it, “the game is on.”

There is speculation that Cruz could be announcing that he is making former candidate Carly Fiorina his running mate. Her name was floated by the Cruz campaign last week as someone they are vetting.

“She had one good debate on the smaller stage,” Trump said of Fiorina on Wednesday. “Then she went up in the polls and every week she went down, down, down. She ended up with a small number and had to get out,” Trump said, adding, “He shouldn’t be naming anyone now. To me it looks ridiculous.”

This “major announcement” by Cruz is a clear attempt to distract voters from Trump’s landslide victory on Tuesday. Nice try, Ted, but it’s clear that Trump is unstoppable at this point!

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