Hillary Clinton Panicking After ‘Ghost’ From Her Past Comes Back To Haunt Her

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Hillary Clinton is panicking this week after the former fiancé of Ambassador Chris Stevens spoke out to talk about the Democratic presidential candidate’s role in the terror attack on the compound in Benghazi that left four Americans dead.

Actress and model Lydie Denier sat down with Newsmax host Steve Malzberg last Friday to talk about her relationship with Stevens, who was killed by radical Islamists on Sept. 11, 2012. According to Conservative Tribune, Denier slammed Clinton as a failure who should have done a better job securing the compound.

“I think she should have done a better job for security. And, not ignoring his requests for security. If he was a friend, as she said, then you don’t let a friend down,” the actress said.

Denier went on to say the attack was actually Clinton’s fault since she did not respond to requests for more security at a critical time when it was obviously needed. When she was asked if Clinton was giving a “pass” for her role in the Benghazi attack, Denier gave a blunt response.

“She’s Hillary Clinton,” she said. “Clintons are very powerful.”

Denier said she has tried to talk to Clinton in the past, but has never been able to. She also accused the mainstream media of constantly protecting Clinton. She is now working on a documentary called “A Voice for Ambassador Chris Stevens,” which will tell her former fiancé’s side of the story.

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