Tim Tebow Gets Some Amazing News – This Is Why We Pray

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Last week, we reported that NFL legend Tim Tebow may be embarking on a career in politics. Now, however, a petition is going viral calling for Tebow return to football.

Tebow’s former team the Denver Broncos is in need of a quarterback. Though Tebow was traded from the team in 2012, he could be an option to return to the position, if Broncos general manager John Elway would take the risk.

According to Ecumenical News, fans of the Broncos have started a petition calling for Tebow to be put back on the team. It already has 2,800 signatures.

Mark Sanchez is the lone quarterback for the Broncos at this time, so the team will likely hire another big name to join him. Tebow was traded in 2012 mainly because Peyton Manning was signed at the time. Since Manning retired after the last Super Bowl, it makes sense that Tebow would be rehired to take his place.

Regardless of what happened, Tebow is likely incredibly flattered by the petition. It’s great to see that his loyal fans haven’t forgotten him!

Do you think the Broncos should put Tebow back on their team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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