Michelle Obama Slips Up – Drops Bombshell About Husband’s Birth Certificate


April 25, 2016 9:22am PST

Ever since he took office, Barack Hussein Obama has faced accusations that he wasn’t actually born in the United States. While giving the commencement speech at Jackson State University in Mississippi on Saturday, Michelle addressed these rumors and let students know how sick she is of hearing about them.

According to WND, Michelle whined about the vitriol that has been directed at her husband throughout his presidency before addressing the birther conspiracy theories.

“And then there’s the countless times when that language gets personal and is directed at my husband – charges that he doesn’t love our country,” Michelle lamented. “The time he was called a liar in front of a joint session of Congress. The nonstop questions about his birth certificate and his belief in God.”

This came soon after Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona found that there is probable cause that the birth certificate released by the White House is actually a forgery.


There’s also the questions that still surround the exact hospital where Obama was born.


Evidence like this is why it should come as no surprise that Michelle urged Jackson State students to ignore anyone who speaks out against her husband.

“We pay endless attention to folks who are blocking action, blocking judges, blocking immigration, blocking a raise in the minimum wage. Just blocking,” she said. “We are consumed with the anger and vitriol that are bubbling up, with folks shouting at each other, using hateful and divisive language.”

Michelle can defend her man all she wants, but it won’t change the fact that we don’t believe he was not born in America. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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