What The Obamas Are Doing Today Will Make You SICK


April 22, 2016 6:41am PST

Barack and Michelle Obama are on yet another taxpayer-funded vacation today, this time in the United Kingdom.

According to Daily Mail, Barack and Michelle met Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip at Windsor Castle on Friday. There, the Obamas disrespected the British royals in a shocking way when they forced Prince Phillip, 94, to act as their chauffeur.

Phillip had driven Elizabeth out of the castle to meet the Obamas. However, the freeloading Obamas then got in Phillips car themselves, making the elderly man drive them into his home himself.


Michelle did her best to upstage the queen by wearing a dress designed by Oscar de la Renta, which undoubtedly cost American taxpayers a hefty price. Later in the trip, the Obamas will reportedly dine with Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as the former’s wife Kate.

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