Liberals Furious After Donald Trump Says THIS About Harriet Tubman And The $20 Bill

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Yesterday, we reported that Obama was replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 with Harriet Tubman. Now, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is speaking out slamming the decision as a move of “pure political correctness.”

“I think Harriet Tubman is fantastic,” Trump said during a town hall event shown live on NBC’s Today show, but “I would love to leave Andrew Jackson and see if we can maybe come up with another denomination.”

“Maybe we do the $2 bill or we do another bill,” Trump continued, according to Daily Mail. “I don’t like seeing it. Yes, I think it’s pure political correctness.”

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“Andrew Jackson had a great history,” he argued, “and I think it’s very rough when you take somebody off the bill. Andrew Jackson had a record of tremendous success for the country … and really represented somebody that really was very important to this country. I would love to see another denomination, and that could take place. I think [it] would be more appropriate.”

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