Hillary Clinton Has Been Trying To Hide This For 30 Years – Now It’s Come Back To Destroy Her Campaign

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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been rocked by numerous sex scandals over the past few months, but this one might just take the cake.

According to Conservative Tribune, a former Arkansas state trooper has linked Bill Clinton to a prostitute who has claimed that she gave birth to his love child in the 1980s. Former trooper Buddy Young says another trooper were paid $400 each with a $50 tip to escort then-Gov. Bill Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams to the latter’s mother’s house for a rendezvous.

Williams claims that her son Danny was fathered by Bill, who says he never even met the prostitute. The story has been swept under the rug by the liberal media thanks largely to the fact that Williams has an extensive criminal record, but she’s been given several lie detector tests and has passed them all. Her son also bares an extraordinary resemblance to Bill:



It’s sickening that the mainstream media will report on Ted Cruz’s alleged affairs despite the lack of evidence behind that story, but refuse to write about this. Whether Williams’ story is true or not, she has more evidence on her side than the people claiming Ted Cruz cheated on his wife do.

Hillary and her minions are desperately trying to hide this story. SHARE it so we can spread this and hopefully ruin Hillary’s presidential chances forever!

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