They Told Her She Was ‘Too Fat’ To Wear A Bikini – She Responded With THIS

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With Summer right around the corner, millions of people all over the world are heading out to buy new bathing suits for this wonderful time of year. However, when U.K. resident Jes P Ortelli went looking for a bikini last week, she was stunned by what happened.

According to Right Wing News, a female employee of the store walked up to her and rudely exclaimed, “[…] ‘girls like me’ shouldn’t wear a bikini!”

Though she was devastated by the woman’s words, Jes took the high road and chose not to respond. Instead, she took to Facebook to voice her frustrations and post a photo of herself in her new bikini.


The post has since gone viral, with internet users all over the globe praising Jes for her bravery. One commenter wrote:

“Legend. Love you for this jess ! No one should be ashamed of their body ! And the bitch that told you to not wear a bikini can go to hell smile emoticon we need more girls like you ! So many girls end up with eating disorders because of evil comments about their shape which is a shame. Everyone should be happy with how they look and embrace it. Like you said confidence is what makes you sexy ! Xxxxxxx”

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