Hillary Clinton Panicking After Damning Footage Surfaces – See It Before It’s Deleted

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An interview has surfaced from 1979 in which Hillary Clinton whines that image and reality does not align for her.

“A lot of people have images (of me) that are in no way related to reality,” she said in the video, according to Western Journalism.

“ … some people may think I’m too conservative, too this or too that,” she said, adding, “I can only hope that whatever image that people might have of either me or Bill they will hold in abeyance until they have an opportunity to meet with us or talk with us.”

Part of the interview centered around the fact that Hillary had not yet taken her husband’s last name, instead choosing to go by her maiden name of Rodham. She told the interviewer that she made this choice because she did not want to mix “professional activities with his political activities” and didn’t want anyone to think she was “taking advantage of his position in any way or in some way riding on it.”

“One cannot live one’s life based on what somebody else’s image of you might be,” she said. “I suppose that there have been many wives of politicians who may have had serious problems personally, because they were worried about the image that they had and as to whether or not that would hurt their husband. All one can do is live the life that God gave you, and just do the best you can. If somebody likes you or doesn’t like you, that’s in many ways something that you have no control over.”

Hillary then called her marriage to the man who would later face impeachment for his sexual affairs an “excellent marriage,” adding that “being in the public eye, being separated from others”

“Hillary was so young and unaware of the corrupt, habitual liar she would someday become in this trip down memory lane,” Alicia Powe wrote of the clip on Young Conservatives. “She was already using the fake southern drawl after only living in the south for three years and people were falling for it. Clearly, she only changed her last name years later for political expediency.”

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