Transgender Protester Spits In Trump Supporter’s Face – Then This Happens

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Disturbing video footage from Portland, Oregon shows the horrifying moment a  transgender anti-Trump demonstrator spit in a Trump supporter’s face before screaming, “I’m a tranny, go ahead, punch a woman!”

According to Infowars, the video begins with the Trump supporter talking about how me once marched against the Iraq war and how neo-nazis sabotaged the protest, destroying the stereotype that Trump supporters are all “racist” right-wingers.

“We’re not them!” the Trump supporter exclaimed.

“Your candidate is literally just the guy that Stormfront endorses, whatever,” responded an anti-Trump protester.

“David Duke endorsed Donald Trump,” the transgender person added.

“We just established we’re not with them,” the Trump supporter continued.

The protesters then continued to call the Trump supporter racist.

“Obviously you haven’t done your research and you’re just going along with what everyone else is saying so go do some research, come back with some quotes, OK?” states the Trump supporter.

The transgender thug responds to this by spitting in the face of the Trump supporter.

The mainstream media likes to make it look like Trump supporters are the violent ones, but footage like this proves it’s the other way around. SHARE this story so we can show the world how violent anti-Trump liberals can be!

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