Conservative Pundit DESTROYS Hillary: You’re a ‘Vile, Scorned, Old Lady’

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In a clip that’s going viral, political columnist Kristin Tate RIPS Hillary in an epic rant.

“This is a scored, vile old woman,” Tate says. “Nobody likes her. She never smiles, and when she DOES smile it’s terrifying!”

Tate continues, “She’s no Bill Clinton. At least Bill Clinton was likable. He would show up and play his saxophone, everyone liked him. This woman Hillary — she has a big likability problem.”

BOOM! Finally, someone said exactly what we were all thinking.

Tate is well known for taking down liberal idiots. Her new book, Government Gone Wild, is available for order now. The book is already creating a stir. Tate spent many years as a political reporter, and in the book she exposes some of Obama’s most shocking secrets. Make sure you get your copy TODAY before they’re all sold out…

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