Thug Mouths Off To Judge Judy – Gets A NASTY Surprise

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Judge Judy is known for her no-nonsense attitude, which has allowed her to dominate courtroom television for the last twenty years.

When Judge Judy was asked if her show is fake, she gave a characteristically blunt response.

“I think we’ve passed the point where we think that milquetoast-y kind of stuff entertains,” she said, according to Q Political. “I think that there’s still a thirst in this country to get back to a place where right is right and wrong is wrong, and there are no fuzzy edges and there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for bad behavior.”

Judge Judy went on to reveal the most important thing she’s learned in her career.

“You have to have the leverage for wanting a better job, to be able to get the right people to listen to a good idea,” she explained. “Because there are lots of people who have really good ideas, but the truth of the matter is that unless you have the leverage, it’s clawing up a stream.”

“You have to make yourself indispensable,” Judge Judy continued. “You don’t have to have a wildly successful television program to make yourself indispensable and you don’t even have to have a particularly unique skill.”

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