If You Find A $100 Bill On Your Windshield, Do NOT Grab It – Here’s Why

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A disturbing new criminal plot is sweeping the nation, and absolutely anyone could fall victim to it.

According to AWM, the plot involves placing a fake $100 bill under the windshield wipers on your car. Putting it under the windshield wipers is perfect because most people won’t notice the bill until they are already in their vehicle, especially if they’re carrying shopping bags.

When the person sees the bill on their windshield, the thief assumes they will likely leave their car running as they get out to grab it. That’s when the thief makes his move by hopping into the front seat, allowing them to drive away with all your valuables, your car and perhaps even your children.

The bottom line is that if you see a $100 bill on your windshield, do NOT touch it until you know you are home safely. SHARE this story so your friends and family can be warned as well!

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