Trump Campaign Gets Some Amazing News – Will NOT Face Charges

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The Donald Trump campaign is celebrating today after authorities revealed that campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will not be charged with battery for the “assault” of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

Back in March, Lewandowski was charged with battery after Fields claimed he knocked her over during a campaign rally. According to The Gateway Pundit, however, police have just released footage of the incident that shows that Lewandowski barely touched her. The footage clearly shows that Fields did not flinch, did not change her facial expression, did not even notice Lewandowski during the incident.

The next day, Fields wrote an article about her alleged attack that was full of lies:


As you can now see, Fields was not “jolted backwards” or “yanked down.” Lewandowski did not “try to throw reporters to the ground,” or do anything violent at all. Once again, the mainstream media was quick to condemn Trump and his people before looking at the full body of evidence.

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