ALERT: Pentagon Makes Horrifying Announcement About North Korea Nuclear Attack

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North Korea has been threatening the US for months, and the Pentagon has just made the frightening announcement that they are closer to attacking America than ever before.

According to The Political Insider, US Intelligence satellites have spotted signs that North Korea could be preparing for an unprecedented launch of a mobile ballistic missile that may hit parts of the US. Two US officials said that if North Korea proceeds with the launch of their Musudan missile, they could potentially hit Guam and perhaps Shemya Island in the outer reaches of Alaska’s Aleutian chain.

Even if North Korea just hit the Aleutian islands, the impact of an attack like this would be devastating, as there are several US military targets located there.

Obama has basically refused to take North Korea seriously, but it’s time to actually do something about this threat on our nation. SHARE this story if you think Obama should take action against North Korea!

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