Black Lives Matter Thug SPITS On Female Trump Supporter – What Happens Next…OMG!

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On Monday night, Black Lives Matter thugs once again descended on a Donald Trump rally, and it didn’t take long for things to get really ugly.

During Trump’s rally in Albany, New York, a race-baiting protester was caught on camera arguing with a white woman wearing a Trump shirt. According to Mad World News, the ignorant liberal was caught on camera assaulting the Trump supporter, and she left something behind that will hopefully put her behind bars.

“And what? And what? And what?” the BLM protester yelled repeatedly at the conservative woman, who didn’t appear to be saying anything. When the Trump supporter continued to try to ignore her, the BLM protester spit in her face, hitting her with an enormous glob of bodily fluid before screaming, “F*ck you!”

After the assault, the Trump supporter whipped out her camera to get a photo of the female thug who spit on her, but the other BLM protesters quickly threw up their hands to block the camera.

“We are here to protest against hatred!” one of them screamed at the assault victim, even though the only “hatred” seen in the footage came from the BLM protesters.

The mainstream media tries to make Trump supporters look like violent, crazy people who are full of ignorance, but videos like this prove the complete opposite is true. SHARE this story so we can spread this footage!

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