Hillary’s Darkest Secret About Mistresses Leaks – She Didn’t Want Us To Know This

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Hillary Clinton has been desperately trying to market herself as a “warrior for women” in her quest to get to the White House, but a secret from her past has just leaked that proves she is anything but that.

The Clinton campaign is trying their best to keep Hillary’s issues with Bill’s infidelities under wraps, hoping that younger voters won’t remember the former president’s questionable sexual exploits. Unfortunately for them, most people are aware of Bill’s sexual assaults on multiple women. However, most are not aware that Hillary assaulted these women in her own way as well.

According to Mad World News, Kathleen Willey was a volunteer aide during Bill Clinton’s first term back in 1993 when she was sexually assaulted by him. Afterwards, another one of Bill’s victims named Paula Jones called Willey to testify in her case against the former president. It was then that some troubling things began happening to Willey.


In the video above this story, you’ll learn that private investigator Jack Palladino has confirmed that Hillary launched a plan to stop Willey from testifying. She also hired another investigator named Jared Stern to help her out with her plan, and he explains just how ruthless Hillary is in the video as well.

This video makes it clear that Hillary has been abusing women for decades, which is yet another reason she should never be president. SHARE this story so that all Americans can learn the TRUTH about Hillary Clinton!

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