Tragic Secret About Trump’s Past Leaks – He Needs Prayers

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Donald Trump is one of the most successful people in the world, but his family has suffered their share of tragedy.

Scottish genealogist Bill Lawson spoke out this week to reveal that the Trump family suffered a major tragedy when the business mogul’s great-grandfather drowned in a fishing accident off the Western Isle, leaving his widow to raise their three children alone. One of the children was Trump’s grandmother.

“The drowning of Donald Smith is a real family tragedy, and it is possible Mr Trump was given his first name in his memory,” Lawson told Daily Mail.

Smith was just 34 when he died, leaving his family without a husband and father. His youngest child Mary MacLeod later became Trump’s grandmother, and she died in 1963 at the age of 96. MacLeod gave birth to Trump’s beloved mother Mary Anne, who emigrated to the US but never lost her love for the Western Isle.

“She never lost her feeling for Scotland,” Trump said. “She never forgot her roots. She would have come back, but she met a great guy in my father.”

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