Hillary Thought The Cameras Were Off When She Was Caught Doing THIS

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Thanks to the FBI investigation into her conduct as Secretary of State and the surging popularity of her rival Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s quest for the Democratic presidential nomination is far from the sure thing many pundits thought it would be.

According to Western Journalism, conservative radio host Glenn Beck released a clip this week that he believes sums up the desperation of Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign. The short video shows Hillary delivering an apparently offhand comment near a live microphone at a recent rally.

“Thank you,” Hillary said after a double-digit loss to Sanders at the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday. She then turned to the supporter on her left and said, “We’ve got to get the energy going.”

Beck likened this to the cringeworthy moment when former Republican candidate Jeb Bush begged an unresponsive audience to “please clap.” Beck noted that Hillary appeared to be “feeling a little pressure from Bernie Sanders” after his strong performances in the primaries.

“Wow,” Beck concluded. “Not going well. Kind of going the low-energy, Jeb Bush route.”

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